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 This is one of the kind, based on ANSI SQL-like features, but completely open source and much better in comparison to other commercial and paid Database management systems. Its strength lies in the ability to manipulate and cultivate your own breed of Firebird according to your needs. The base version has been translated and used under various commercial names in production systems since early 1981. As it is a complete and truly open source based and directed product there is complete freedom in even rebranding and relicensing it as your proprietary software package component. This is one of the major reasons of its popularity and widespread acceptance.


 It provides concurrency, relational development and database creation, powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers and high performance in all kinds of architecture and systems.
 - This has been under constant development and the latest version has added some new and cool features in the system like online indexing, searching and validation of user-defined tuples and indices.

 - The internal temporary blobs can now be handled with utter optimization techniques due to improvement in procedural connections. The complete list of bug fixes, manipulations, additions and revisions has been released as a note of 17 points.


 It is a multi-platform program and because of based on C and C++, runs on any and every flavor of Mac, Windows, BSD, LSB and Unix based systems.
 - IT gives multi-generation architecture that does not allow it to get outdated any sooner. It can help you create OLTP and OLAP allowing Firebird to simultaneously operate as an analytical and an operational database store.

 - Its Trace API provides a comprehensive and powerful monitoring system of user logs and events that also works remotely using a client-server model. It allows SQL editing and debugging remotely, at ease.

 - It ensures three stage security employing Windows Trusted Authentication, Network Authentication and Basic Security like grant/revoke, users and roles etc. for reliability and robustness.


 Firebird can be connected by numerous database connectivity mediums like.NET, Ruby, PHP and many more. Their latest release was Firebird The download section is divided into various categories for Server Packages, Connectivity Mediums, Platform Builds and Snapshot Builds for those interested in beta testing.

 Overall, a truly phenomenal software that has no bounds and limitations. Its real power lies in volunteered commitment and dedicated development.

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